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Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming Hong Kong Actor

Kenneth Ma Guo Ming

Kenneth Ma (Ma Kwok Ming) is Canada born Chinese, and has very active in TVB Series. Kenneth Ma has started his acting career since 1999, but only got a minor role at first. In 2006, Kenneth Ma won Most Improved Male Artiste for his role in series To Grow His Love. His first leading role in drama serial "Survival Law II".

Nowadays, Kenneth Ma's face is dominating on most of TVB drama, especially in martial arts series. His new martial art series is Grace Under Fire.

Although Kenneth has a tall body (stands at 183 cm), but his face sometimes looks silly and a little childish. Therefore, he is more suitable as a childish role in TVB series.

Kenneth Ma Guo Ming

Kenneth Ma girlfriend

Many beautiful girls are once gossiped to has a dating with Kenneth Ma. But the serious one was Nancy Wu, although they are splited up now. It was rumored that Kenneth Ma and Nancy Wu’s relationship ended and that new love sparks happened between Kenneth and Selena Li after filming a series together.

Another girls related to Kenneth Ma are Selena Li, Bernice Liu, Kate Tsui, and Tavia Yeung. Kenneth Ma ignores rumoured girlfriend Nancy Wu, as he openly expressed that he likes to pair up with Selena Li the most.

Kenneth Ma's Birthday Wishes: Car, House, and Girl

Kenneth Ma is 37 years old now, but still don't get married. He disclosed his birthday wishes are always the same.

"It's the same every year, car, house, and girl," he said. "Without a house, where do I hide her if we're on a secret date?"

Getting older every year, Kenneth teased himself for being old and hot girls aren't suitable for him.

"My first choice is definitely someone who loves family," he expressed.

Kenneth Ma & JJ Jia's Tattoos in "Special Duties Unit"

Kenneth Ma Guo Ming
Kenneth Ma Tattoo

In "Special Duties Unit", Kenneth Ma and JJ Jia are guest-starring in one of the cases as a pair of thieves, who are abnormal killers. They receive gratification from killing people.

A tattoo artist shared pictures of their tattoos on her blog. The tattoo artist also revealed that Kenneth gave her a lucky pocket for the new year.

Kenneth Ma Guo Ming

Kenneth Ma Profile and Biography
Name: 馬國明 (马国明) / Ma Kwok Ming (Ma Guo Ming)
English name: Kenneth Ma
Profession: Actor and singer
Birthdate: 1974-Feb-13
Birthplace: Hong Kong
Height: 183cm
Weight: 72kg
Star sign: Aquarius
Chinese zodiac: Tiger
Education: Delia International School, Douglas College (Vancouver)
University of British Columbia - Mechanical Engineering and Salesian English School
Background: entered TVB Drama Training Class in 1999, in term 14
Hobbies: singing
Fav. Sport: soccer
Fav. Soccer Team: Real Madrid, Manchester United, AC Milan
Fav. Food: sea food
Fav. Drink: iced tea
Fav. Colour: white, black, blue
Fav. Collection: Donald Duck
Fav. Actors: Chow Yun Fat, Tony Leung, Sean Lau
Fav. Actresses: Yung Mei Ling, Chan Yuk Lin, Ng Sin Lin
Fav. Series (he did): Scavenger's Paradise
Friends in the industry: Roger Kwok, Wayne Lai, Hui Siu Hung, Power Chan and many others
Classmates from TVB training class: Yip Wai, Ho Chi Cheung, Wong Siu Ping, Karen Lee etc...

Kenneth Ma Photos :

Kenneth Ma Guo Ming

Kenneth Ma Guo Ming

Kenneth Ma Guo Ming

Kenneth Ma's Girls :

Kenneth Ma Guo Ming
Kenneth Ma and Bernice Liu

Kenneth Ma Guo Ming
Kenneth Ma and Kate Tsui

Kenneth Ma Guo Ming
Kenneth Ma and Nancy Wu

Kenneth Ma Guo Ming
Kenneth Ma and Selena Li

Kenneth Ma Guo Ming
Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung

Watch Kenneth Ma in series "Grace Under Fire" video here

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